What is FoodtAppr

FoodtAppr is a mobile app that lets you order food without waiting for the waiters, and queuing up at the queues. Helps in the following ways

1'What's for lunch?' is a common question we get/get asked. Many a times, we are not sure what to eat, and we can browse the many foods available in the many restaurants nearby. Probably helps us makes a decision more quickly.

2We know the waiters are busy, but we still need to order food and pay for what we have eaten. Sometimes it gets frustrating to need to wait so long. FoodtAppr helps by letting us order and pay ourselves using our phone. Makes it hassle fee

3More and more people are working in Singapore and every everyone needs to eat as well. That kind-of explains the long queues at our favorite food stall. Although FoodtAppr cannot help to reduce the amount of people needing to eat, the app allows us to first order food, and receive a notification when the food is ready. No need to wait for that indecisive guy in front.

The FoodtAppr app is at its final stage of development. Get updated when it gets to the app store by following our Facebook page or Twitter

More about how it works

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